The Disappearing Act

Do you live with family members that like to take things they don’t ask for first? Do you have family members that have a habit that they eat everything first and you’ve probably only had two bites out of it or something like that? My sister is the worst. Literally, she has this thing of taking anything we get and eats it all. When my parents go shopping for food they try to get things that are different from the both of us. Sadly, this doesn’t work half the time. Take gum for an example. If we get two packs of gum for each of us, she’s either ate it all within a day or everybody in her classes have taken it. The girl needs like four packs of gum. Because when she doesn’t have anymore, and if she sees mine laying out. It won’t even ask, she’ll just take it.

It’s not all gum either. It’s been other foods too, mostly snacks and ice cream. Earlier this week, according to my mom, Emily had eaten a whole carton of ice cream. I feel like I can’t have my own food choices or somebody will love it as well. My sister and I don’t really like the same ice cream except for when it comes for chocolate. So I have this new ice cream, cookie dough, and one night I noticed she was eating it and my mom was too, but she’s the one who feeds me so I can’t say anything. They’re both the same. Neither one liked this ice cream until I started eating it. Which sounds like another female in my family who has that problem. I had bought this ice cream and kept it at my nana’s because I didn’t want anybody else going through it.

The next weekend we came over, my nana told me my ice cream was good. So guess whose been getting her own carton? She has, but like I said she feeds me so I can’t say anything. I can’t eat anything without somebody in my family wanting some part of it. Luckily, my dad and I have been hiding different snacks in my room. We tried hiding gum but that didn’t work out so well. Emily found them pretty quick. A few days ago, my dad went to the store and got us both different things. He got her three different Pop-tarts and he got me brownies. He put them on my shelf. I was already in my room working on something and thought hiding them because I knew they wouldn’t last long.

I have two shelves stacked with stuffed animals that I will never get rid of. The second shelf is the one I could reach the most so I moved so of the animals and put them on the floor. I meant to slide the box of brownies to my lap but that didn’t work. It ended up on the floor and thankfully I could reach it and slid it back on its side on the shelf and stacked the seven stuffed animals on top of it. I showed my dad and he started laughing at me because it was clever but we knew it wasn’t going to last. The box is now on the first shelf. If the box was smaller nobody would know it’s there. Well, until now. So who wants to bet my sister will be sneaking a brownie or two out of my room without my permission? I give it a couple of days.