Oh Baby!

Today has been an interesting Monday. One of the stray cats my sister adopted has been getting big around the belly area. She’s been this way for about a month or two. Saturday, my sister grabbed her up and we saw what her belly really looked like. Imagine yourself wearing something very tight after eating and get bloated. She looked like that. The sides were hanging out. Yesterday, my sister and mom were looking for her and calling her and everything, but no luck. We all decided that it was the date of birth because when we call for her she comes right to you. She’s like a little dog.

My dad was getting me some lunch this morning. He had the door open and as he came out of the kitchen, Bootsie¬†was on the porch. Dad was being all sweet and feed her and she didn’t want to really come inside. He brought out her bowl of food and water. He told me that mom and Em looked everything, even the part where she darted back after she was done eating. Dad followed her and found her laying down under the steps of our front porch. He said at that time he could only see two kittens and both were grayish.

Dad is getting a bit worried considering we’re suppose to get some storms. So he’s going all over the house trying to figure out what to do. We don’t want Bootsie¬†to move her kittens during the storms. Dad went back outside and had a flashlight this time around and saw their little heads moving around. Bootsie hissed at him. He said he saw one that was all different colors. He said there maybe four or six kittens down there.