Already A Crazy Friday.

So today is Friday! Thank god right? If you’re like me though, sometimes getting excited for Friday’s is kind of stupid. Everyday feels like a Friday to me considering I don’t hardly go anywhere during the week and I’m usually keeping busy by listening to music and reading. So everyday is like a weekend for me. If I have plans for the weekends then all I want is that week to fly by just like it does when I’m doing my usual, but whenever I have plans the week goes by so slow. I hate it.

For my mom and sister, Friday’s are the best days ever considering they get two days off. Since I have these shows on during the weekday, it doesn’t seem so bad. All week-long is a different night of something to watch except for Monday and Tuesday, they are my two days of Dancing With The Stars. One is a good day, the other is liable to be a sad day of your favorites going home. But as soon as it’s over you can retreat to your next favorite spot that makes you happy after a long day. Your bed.

When I woke up this morning, my left eye was bugging me. It might be because of my hair going all crazy in front of my face or my crazy eye lashes falling off like leafs during the last months of fall. Except mine are getting caught on their neighbors and bugging the crap out of me. I’m getting over it because I don’t feel like getting back to my bad mood I woke up with this morning. That’s what I hate the most. You wake up on a Friday morning in a bad mood for no reason. I sat up and got online and didn’t even want to read my book. Which is odd since I couldn’t keep myself away from it yesterday. I wasn’t in the mood this morning. I wasn’t in the mood for anything really. My internet was being slow today and my patience isn’t here today. So I gave up on that for 30 minutes then I got back on to better results.

I was on my Twitter and Facebook. Doing my usual. Reading everybody’s problems and funny posts like a crazy person. Right before I got offline I was on Facebook of what was supposed to be for the last for an hour. Dj Ashba had updated his status (which also sends to your Twitter) and he had said that he hasn’t had a cigarette in 10 days, and that is very good. I posted a reply on his Facebook first then went on Twitter and posted “very happy you’re quitting smoking. Hope you have a good day.” My phone was already blowing up with all the people I was talking to, but something inside went about two minutes after I sent that reply, that it might’ve been him. I love unexpected surprises that are good. I had tweets from my friends then a reply back from Dj. Whatever bad mood I was in this morning isn’t here anymore. I was very happy, probably too happy. Thank god I’ve come back to Earth about ten minutes afterwards.

After that my friend Kate and I were talking about Nikki Sixx, and I told her about Mike and Chester from Linkin Park being on SixxSense tonight. So we’ve been trying to figure out how to listen to this, considering neither one of us have listened in before. Nikki Sixx + Mike Shinoda + Chester Bennington = Awesome combination. I had to look on SixxSense’s website to see how to listen in. Thank god I saw the “Listen Live” at the top before going off the site altogether. That was like two hours ago, I’m still on I Heart Radio listening to different radio stations. Just killing time until four, since Dr. Phil comes on at that time. So hopefully somebody posts on their Twitter’s what time it comes on because we both live on opposite sides of the planet and I got Blue Bloods on tonight. Which I won’t mind missing it for these guys I mean, come on.  Well hope everybody has a great day.