The Dresses At Grand March.

So the first part is over with, getting ready for the night and watching the Grand March is done. I’ve been home for a little bit now and I’m really glad to be home instead of dancing the night away. It was fun for the two years I went, but I don’t think I’d ever do it again. It’s kind of bittersweet since if I was to go now I’d be the only one from my class to go and it would be awkward to go with a bunch of kids. I think I had more fun just seeing all the people I hadn’t seen in God knows how long and seeing all these pretty dresses.

I don’t know how the night is going so far for my sister. I know she’s probably texting my mom like crazy. I remembered during Senior year, the only time I texted my mom was before prom was supposed to end so she could come back to change me for Post Prom. It’s going to be a long night for my sister but she is going to love it. At least, I hope she loves it because you only get one Junior prom and there’s not that much pressure during this time. Since prom is in April, all the Seniors have graduation and college on the brain. The pressure is on during that time and prom is the only way to let it all go for one night. Your last night with your classmates.

I like my fashion, dresses especially. I love to critique the dresses to the core. I’ve always done this. I’ve went to every prom from when my cousin was a Junior or a Senior, but I didn’t go last year because it was storming or something like that. Thankfully, God blessed us with a cloudy day, despite the coldness, it was pretty good. I saw a lot more short dresses then the past years dresses. A lot of purples (which I got jealous) and a dress that was repeated. It was a really unique dress too. There were four girls with almost the same dresses on. It was colors that looked the same, it just the detail or the toole that was different.

My sister looked beautiful in her dress. She was lucky to know that there were only two bright orange dresses that walked down Grand March. Her friend Skyela had this slightly pink, reddish dress that had the front lifted up and had a big flower on the side. Most of the dresses this year had something different. Most of the dresses had the front lifted up so you saw most of their legs and they had tons of ruffles. Some were sparkly and had animal print on them, but they weren’t as big as they were in my Junior prom, but mine was called “Welcome To The Jungle” so it seemed like everybody had to have an animal print dress. It was crazy, almost too much.

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