Little Things About My Crazy Life.

In everyday life, we enjoy everything that makes us happy. Sometimes we aren’t so grateful for everything we get like we should. We should be grateful for everyday that God lets us have and thank him for it. I know I try to say thank you after the day is done and I’m about to get some sleep. I try to appreciate the little things. Last night I made another board on my Pinterest, happily titled “Little Things” just circled everything that makes me happy that to some people would sometimes be a little crazy, like being able to breathe through your nose after a cold or peeing after holding it in for a long time. I mean, those types of things aren’t the first thing that makes you happy. Well, I’m sure they do, but when somebody asks you what makes you appreciate life? Those two things are not at the top of your list.

Something that makes appreciate life comes a moment in my life that now is kind of funny, but also kind of sad when I talk about it. I’ve been stuck to scooting on the floor and being in wheelchairs all my life that like I’m kind of worried if I am ever able to have kids someday, how am I going to teach my kids how to crawl or ride a bike, because I was never taught neither one when I was younger. I’ve been on a bike before when I was probably 8 yesterday and it was inside at my nana’s. It was my sister’s and it was a preschool bike, it had the training wheels and everything. My nana stood me up and I could hardly get my legs to bend down to reach the pedals. I was sad, but kind of glad we were inside doing this but it was awkward.

I was never taught to crawl, instead I was always rolling around on the floor. Which meant I was hitting my head on the corners of the walls and my legs were also getting caught because I was rather too long to get through that small gap. When I was little the only reason why I started scooting was because of my arms. Since they don’t move out of their place and even if you lifted them above my head it wouldn’t do any good. Later on in life I finally figured out I could indeed crawl, but only on smooth surfaces. On carpets and wood flooring it would be kind of difficult for me to get around, since my arms would get rug burns and on wood flooring I’d be sliding all over the place. Scooting was the only thing that seemed to work. So it stuck with me and that’s how I still get around if I’m on the floor or on my bed.

I’ve had dreams before where my kids would learn how to scoot instead of crawling and doing the basic things that babies do like standing their selves up by themselves, or attempting to do so. Standing up on my own was never an option for me sadly. We have a picture of me leaning up against the couch and I use to love to do that. I had it down pat when I would flip myself around and just stand there. My feet would fall asleep rather quickly but I thought it was cool that I mastered how to do it. This standing technique ended up being my source to getting up and down my bed and the couches. I remember one time my sister and I were in our room and I had this bed that could be made into a couch, and I use to jump up and down all the time. One time, I was getting cocky and I noticed I was getting taller and I could the floor at the bottom of my feet. Then my sister and I noticed I had stood up and went back down so we hollered for mom and dad and as soon as they came by the door, I went up and apparently went to far up and faceplanted on the floor. Not a good thing, but you live and learn right?

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