Album Review: Train’s “California 37”

Today is Tuesday, so got a new album out. Train’s new album, California 37 is finally out! If you get the Sirius XM channels in your car, like with us we get them on our TV’s and if any of you guys listened to The Pulse, Train went on their and played track by track and I listened in and loved every song. I decided to do a review today instead of when they do the preview. I didn’t know if you guys would believe me of not. They are back to their roots and sound just as good as 2009, when they released, Save Me, San Francisco.

Since I heard it the other week, I instant discovered my favorites. Everybody knows, “Drive By” and that’s still my favorite and it hasn’t gotten old yet. My other favorites, this one that’s playing in my headphones right now. “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” it sounds like a good song to be played on Dancing With The Stars, I think especially if something did the Paso. My other favorites are, “Feels Good At First,” Mermaid,” “You Can Finally Meet My Mom,” and the title track “California 37.” The last two songs are very unique. “You Can Finally Meet My Mom” is about Pat’s wife finally being able to his mom, since she died before they could meet. The title track has kind of hip hop feel to it. Something I have never heard from Train before. It’s something new for them.

They have some slower songs, “We Were Made For This” and “When The Fog Rolls In” are probably the only two slow tracks on the album. Both are very pretty and you can hear everything that’s in the songs. They have a song called, “Sing Together” and they originally didn’t want another song with a Ukulele in it after the success of “Hey, Soul Sister” but they decided to have two songs with it. A song called, “Bruises” has a female singer on it, named Ashley Monroe. Very interesting song! Everybody should get the new album.

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