If Your Child Or Adult Had Fatal Disease Would You Kill Them?

I was watching Dr. Phil today, and before I started watching the episode. I went and read the description and was immediately hooked to it already. It read, “a woman wants the right to euthanize her severely disabled offspring.” Since I am handicapped, any topic that has to deal with people and children like me. It hits too close to home. Even though its different diseases than mine, I still felt awful somebody, like a parent would even consider it. If I had a fatal disease like they did, I would NOT want to end my life and I wouldn’t want somebody to end my life either. It is murder on what she was even considering about. The doctor, lawyer or whatever he was giving her the idea that she could starve her kids, makes me sick. He was like an accomplice, because he gave her an idea and he should’ve just kept his mouth closed, but I know it’s his free will to say whatever he wants, but just think about these things first.

Both of her kids, are two different ages but fairly close in age too, but since both were diagnosed at the same time. They were both told what they had when the oldest was 8 and the youngest was 7 years old. Something I noticed as the episode kept going on, has the woman ever taken them to even see if they could see and/or hear at all? She kept saying, as because she wanted to end their lives. Even Dr. Phil said something about maybe when they get into a room where there’s sunshine, and she said, “they can’t see.” She didn’t know for sure. Nobody knows for sure! Sometimes you don’t have see or hear to feel better or less stressful. Something else that bugged me, if she didn’t even want them to be alive of because they are “suffering” and she’s perfectly fine with killing them, then why doesn’t she just move away? She’s obviously not thinking clearly.

God puts every person on this planet for a reason. Her adult children may look like their suffering, but they may not be at all. I look like I’m miserable when I’m struggling for something whether it’s high up or down low. But I don’t hate my life fully. I don’t like it at times, but it’s life. You’re not suppose to have a good day everyday. I’m a handicapped person, but I’d be pissed if I heard something bad about these adult kids were announced dead, by starvation. That would bug me. If she doesn’t know and can take them to other doctors just to see if they can see and/or hear, then she should. In parts of this, I’m very glad it is illegal to kill your children, or anybody for that matter. In a way, you can judge a person without being in their shoes. I don’t think she’s caring about them. If she was, she would go to any doctor to try to get some answers.

3 thoughts on “If Your Child Or Adult Had Fatal Disease Would You Kill Them?

  1. She sounds like a horrible mother. My sister had brain cancer when we were kids and it left her partially paralyzed. I can’t imagine my mom wanted to euthanize her because of the pain she was in. P,S. I see you have paramore on your lists of favorites. I loveeee them!


    1. It’s not right at all. Even though sometimes it may not look like we have feelings (talking for other disabled people) we did. I imagine them not wanting their mother to give up on them. It made me so mad that she has caregivers taking care of them but she still wants to kill them.

      For bornattwentyfive- I love Paramore alot! I can’t wait for more music.

      Thanks for the comments! 🙂


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