Changing The Subject of Books

So several days ago, I got a new book. Haven’t read anything since Steven Adler’s book, and I read that for probably three weeks. It was pretty lengthy but good too. I didn’t want to really read another biography. Since I had read about three biographies and two I guess you can say, “a day in the life of” category. After almost the same stories of tragedy, drugs and alcohol. I couldn’t read another one. I had plans to read both Motley Crue’s confession book, The Dirt. I had also wanted to read Tommy Lee’s boo, Tommy Land. After I read Steven’s I needed a good break before going back and continuing on that road. I also have to buy the books too, especially The Dirt since you can’t buy it on Kindle edition. I like reading old school so that’s ok. I just got to go to a bookstore and pray to God they have it.

The book I’m reading now is different. Different from what others would expect. Also, different from what my mom reads. She likes to read mystery books. I think the woman has read every book in every series. One time we went to the library in town and the lady at the desk as she was checking our books, said that mom was actually running out of books to read. I could never get myself to read about mysteries, but I loved reading about history and truth. So I’m really into fiction books. I’m also into teen books, I tried reading Stefan Diaries series by L.J. Smith. but that didn’t last long. I’m not good at finishing a series. Especially when there’s six book out and I’ve read only three and a half. I’ve said before I’m not very much into supernatural books, even though I love The Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter. Apparently I can read one or two books of the series and the rest I’m screwed with. Which sucks, but when there are movies or TV shows of these books, then I’ll be comparing the two together and then it all gets even more complicated.

I am reading this new book called, The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter. I had actually went to Wal-Mart with my mom and sister and I was bored and wanted to read something. Not knowing how long it would take them to get their nails done so I grabbed a book and ademptted to read it. Funny part is, it wasn’t this book. I saw this cover and was intrigued but not so much. I didn’t really want to read the one I grabbed. I just wanted to read something to keep me occupied for the time being. I think I got to page two before my mom and sister came into the book section and got me out of there. I never forgot the book cover or title. I found it on Amazon a few days later and was at crosswords between three other books. I also got interested with Tempting The Beast by Lora Leigh, Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.J. James (this was before the hype), and Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione. I wouldn’t be at a crosswords if all these books were free.

I actually don’t have a clue of which book I want to read after I get done with TDS but I’m thinking it’s going to be Fifty Shades of Grey, my friend said it was good and that’s all I’ve heard about is how good it is. So I really think it could be my second book. However I’m not even 50% of the way through the book I got now so I still have plenty of time to search around again and figure out what I really want to read and if or not I want to go into a new subject. Even though, I think it’s very unlikely, but I’m always up for something new. Maybe another biography or maybe by then I’ve went to a bookstore and found The Dirt. Maybe I’ll go back to reading the third installment into the Stefan’s Diaries and finally finish it. Who knows.