Things That Should Be Told To Your Future Kids

I think every parent would want their children to be good and become someone who would change the world. Some parents would want their kids to study hard and go to a good college one day. Everybody hopes their child will learn about things and know the difference between right and wrong. Sadly, some kids get caught in between a crack and sometimes can’t get out without somebody willing to help. Nowadays, everybody is having babies when they’re still babies themselves. Everybody’s judging everybody.

There are certain things that parents should teach they’re children. The most common things are difference between right and wrong. If the child doesn’t know the difference, they could get seriously hurt. I’ve read and seen too many specials on the news about kids in different places getting abducted and it’s usually around when the parent has turned their back for a minute or two and they are gone. After you’ve went over the rules of somebody trying to steal you, their mouths can be still covered up.

Something I think every child should be told about is the difference between judging and pointing. Babies are not born with hatred inside of them. Sometimes it’s the child not being told not to judge at that person. Something I’d want my kids is have the ability to look beyond somebody’s disability and show them they’re just as normal as anybody else. Nobody should be judged on their looks. Ever.

I love history, and I think family history should be told throughout the child’s life. At times,. I know growing up being told about the day I was from my grandparents and everybody else sometimes gets annoying, but I wouldn’t change any of it. I like being told about different things about my family. Things you wouldn’t expect at first glance and I think being told about your family history before you is something that needs to  be done. Since things keep changing. Technology keeps evolving and for some has been helping them discover their families and family history. Even if you don’t think it should be stuffed down your child’s throats some of it should be told. Would you want your child to find out about it later on in life and hate you for it?