Album Review: Halestorm’s “The Strange Cases Of…”

Sorry, I usually find the album cover so it helps you figure out so when you go to buy it you got it right. This time around, I had some trouble finding the picture. Anyways, I got up remembering it was coming out today. Halestorm’s new album, The Strange Cases Of… Last night I actually had their song, “Rock Show” stuck in my head all night so I had them locked in so I didn’t forget. I’m listening to the new album on Spotify. The songs from their EP they released on the album, which is good for people like me, who hasn’t bought those songs yet. I know, I’m crazy. But at least now I don’t have to buy the EP, instead I can just buy the album.

I love the songs from the EP, and so far the rest of the songs are awesome! Lzzy Hale has one incredible voice! She can tear it up and slow it down for those ballads. She can be dark and be light as air too. Does that even make sense? She’s kind of like Pink, if you really want to go that route. She can carry a high note without a problem but she can break you with her screams. She’s the hole package. She’s just amazing.

My favorite songs are “Mz. Hyde,” “Rock Show,” “Call Me A B*tch Like It’s A Bad Thing,” and “American Boys.” Those are my favorite upbeat rock n roll type songs. The slower ones, I absolutely love “Beautiful With Me,” “In Your Room,” and “Here’s To Us” These songs just show her true potential as a singer and I love them! I almost cried when she heard “Beautiful With Me” and “In Your Room” they are so beautifully done. If you buy the new album, you will understand. I hope you do buy it because they will blow you away. Just awesome band. Ok, gotta go before I lose my mind.