For The First Time.

Well I’m officially out of guy friends, and it sucks. I can’t actually say anything since I do have two have very great guys on my Twitter page that have been awesome to me. I’m just so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Wondering when people will wake up to see me gone from their lives. Last night I got on Facebook with the intention of deleting people. I think I deleted about four or five people. It needed to be done. I gave up on wishing for them to just talk to me. I’m sick of hoping for a change when I should know better. What makes me even more nutty is that I told myself last night, “no more adding people” and I got a friend request this morning and I added them. I will never follow my own advice.

On to better news, or somewhat at least. I got to watch Transformers: Dark Of The Moon on my TV last night. It was on one of our movie channels. I don’t normally watch movies, especially new movies on my TV. I don’t have a working DVD player, so thankfully for my laptop because it’s got an amazing screen and it’s closer. I watched both Beastly and the third Transformers movie on my TV yesterday. It was a good Easter. It was kind of boring but pretty good. I even got to watch The Prince Of Egypt, which I haven’t seen in years. I had parts of that movie in my head the whole night. Even the last song was stuck in my head, it’s still circling in the back part of my brain.

Tonight is The Voice and Dancing With The Stars, and I’m again not watching The Voice. I can’t choose¬†between them whatsoever. So I’m going to be watching Dancing With The Stars instead. This week is rock week and KISS will be on. Both nights. Somebody shoot me now. I would much rather it be Motley Crue, but I don’t see them doing that ever. I want to watch somebody I like doing rock week. However, I can never really see anybody I like doing that. I don’t even think I’m on a team. I love Gavin, Maria, and Katherine though. Donald a little, and Roshen is like last place sharing it with Gladys Knight. I don’t know what shall happen tonight but I hope it’s awesome.