Not Meant To Be Any Sweeter

Its been an interesting week for me. Been one of those “can’t wait to get over this week” weeks, and it even wasn’t suppose to one of those either. It all started on Monday, both Monday and Tuesday mornings were really good. It was just the afternoon and evenings that really sucked. I found out information from my mom Monday afternoon that ruined my good mood for the rest of the day. Tuesday afternoon, my sister was the one who filled in the blanks. Which made things even worse in my brain. I over think and worry and I get all flustrated, kind of like I am right now. Wednesday was my actually good day, which was great since it was my nana’s birthday and we had family down. We had her birthday party and had fun talking like we always, however I felt like I was really depressed, which I was. I didn’t talk as much, which is interesting considering since I’m a big talker over at the house. Later on that night, my mom and sister got piercings. We make it a family thing. It’s fun.

Thursday was our shopping day, and I swear I think the day needed to end as soon as we got home. Not a good day afterwards, like Monday and Tuesday. It never seems to end, does it? Yesterday was Friday, my family went back home and my mom went back to work. My sister and I relaxed the entire day. It was the most boring day of the whole week. Thursday, I got new fabric for curtains. It’s black, with skulls with pink bow ties and there is glitter on it. I got printer ink so I could print off more pictures to draw. I also got an iTunes card as well. Can’t leave Wal-Mart without that. You all have to know me better. I just thought about this week yesterday probably not the best idea ever considering I like to over think it all. I’ve got to say thank you to my friend Ania, she’s been my listener for both Monday and Tuesday. Thank you dear! (:

I think I’ll leave this post out with a song. Not by me of course. Hope you all have/had a wonderful day! Happy Easter!