My Mind Is Overthinking Again

I know I have plenty of time to figure out what I want and what I want to do for my 21st birthday, but I’ve been thinking hard about the most obvious part of it all. Do I drink? I have never drank in my whole life. In a small town, like mine, you should be considered a unicorn. I’ve never done anything that some people who say is “stupid” like underage drinking, smoking, and etc. I don’t plan on ever smoking. I’ve been around smokers since I was little, I hate the smell of cigarettes smoke, but I’ve actually gotten use to it over the years.

I’ve seen the worst of what alcohol can make you do. I’ve read and watched too many specials on Oprah and now Dr. Phil about the dangers of being addicted alcohol. I’ve read four biographies of rock stars, and reading about their addicts to drugs, both illegal and medical drugs and alcohol, but still I have this “ok” factor for the alcohol. I will never do drugs. Why would you something stupid like that? Especially if you’ve heard the stories of recovering addicts of overdosing and being homeless. It’s just not worth it really.

Back to the 21st birthday dilemma, what do I do? I’ve wanted to drink before, but I don’t want to get addicted to it. My mom and aunt have got it wrapped into their brains that we’re going to get drunk and go to a strip club. I don’t want to go really. I think I’ve gone the innocent route for so long that I’d rather just do that instead. Have a party at my nana’s with family and talk about me as a baby, like we always do. If I want to, or if somebody wants to take me out, I’ll go out but I don’t go all crazy. I thought I was party person, but I don’t think I was made to be that way, considering my wheelchair is pretty bulky. Feeling like I’m in the way of others would also be the second reason. It’s just not worth it. I would rather go to Evansville, and go to Steak N’ Shake, and do some shopping. That sounds like a better idea to me! I was born to stand out, right? Might as well do something normal than get addicted to something that your mind will always remember and remind you for always.

New Month, New Music

So here it is, the fourth month of the year 2012. Almost time for Easter. It’s Good Friday here for me and I was just listening to a new song while watching a concert on my TV. So I was thinking of during a post. since it is a new month and all. There’s going to be new music out this month. I’ve got some new music coming out, including the one I was talking about at the top. Who is coming out with new stuff? Or going to be on TV this month? I’ve got some things, like I’ve said. Not a lot, because all my stuff came out last month so I’m still discovering new music coming out. Who do you hope releases some new music? I’ve got some of that piled up in my brain. So let’s get started shall we?

Everything seems to be coming in May and later on in the summer time. Which is the funnest time of the year. Since everybody will be getting out of school and going home from college. Festivals and concerts will be starting up more and more, so it’s almost better to release new music around the middle of spring, starting into summer. But we’re not there yet, unfortunately. We’re just starting April. So I know what comes out this week, and even though it’s Friday, the week is done. Everybody wants it to be done as soon as they wake up. So I’m just going ahead of schedule. The 10th of April, Adler, which former Gn”R drummer Steven Adler’s band, will release their new song. Which if you really can’t wait you can go on Revolver Magazine and they have it already. I’ve already heard it and loved it.

So what else happening this week? I’ve got two things going on my TV. On Dancing With The Stars this week, is Rock N Roll week. The couples have to do routines around rock music. I’d have fun in this section. They usually don’t have artists or bands opening up the first night of performs Monday night. So I’m either wrong or right, but the band Kiss is supposed to open at the beginning of the show. Then Tuesday they will be sending somebody home. On Wednesday, which is the 11th is the Golden Gods Awards, everybody has been voting for their favorites since I think the end of February. Different rock bands and artists will be performing. If you have an XBOX you can watch it on there. It was said last week, that they will be live streaming it too.

The week after this week, Linkin Park will release there new song, “Burn It Down” and I know all the Soldiers are about to go freaking insane about it. If you go on their website, they are doing a puzzle for everybody to do first. So if you can’t wait and you’re really good at puzzles, go on the band’s site and try it out. I’m not good at puzzles so I’ll just wait it out. I saw on my Twitter this morning that apparently it’s pretty hard to do. So good luck if you decide to do it. They keep posting different concerts every once and awhile. Getting ready to release their new album and getting ready to go back on the road again.