Oh Baby!

Today has been an interesting Monday. One of the stray cats my sister adopted has been getting big around the belly area. She’s been this way for about a month or two. Saturday, my sister grabbed her up and we saw what her belly really looked like. Imagine yourself wearing something very tight after eating and get bloated. She looked like that. The sides were hanging out. Yesterday, my sister and mom were looking for her and calling her and everything, but no luck. We all decided that it was the date of birth because when we call for her she comes right to you. She’s like a little dog.

My dad was getting me some lunch this morning. He had the door open and as he came out of the kitchen, Bootsie was on the porch. Dad was being all sweet and feed her and she didn’t want to really come inside. He brought out her bowl of food and water. He told me that mom and Em looked everything, even the part where she darted back after she was done eating. Dad followed her and found her laying down under the steps of our front porch. He said at that time he could only see two kittens and both were grayish.

Dad is getting a bit worried considering we’re suppose to get some storms. So he’s going all over the house trying to figure out what to do. We don’t want Bootsie to move her kittens during the storms. Dad went back outside and had a flashlight this time around and saw their little heads moving around. Bootsie hissed at him. He said he saw one that was all different colors. He said there maybe four or six kittens down there.


When was the last time you listened to the radio? Are you the one to plug in your iPod through a cord to hook into your little car radio? My friend has one of those for her car, it’s pretty badass. I remember when I was a kid going to St. Louis, for hospital trips to Shriner’s. The radio was the best thing for us all. The radio kept us somewhat quiet during the trip, until one of our favorite songs came in then it was horror the way to our destination. Because certain people didn’t want anyone to be talking during the song was on.

Last year, we went to St. Louis, and this was our first time were both my sister and I had our iPods plugged into us. We didn’t have to argue about switching radio stations because we hated a song that was playing. She was listening to Justin Bieber and I was listening to Linkin Park. Mom and dad had ahold of the radio the whole way, well I have to take that back. Mom had ahold of the radio. Anyways, seems like nobody wants to listen to the radio anymore. Too old school for everybody. I go back and forth on listening to my iPod and listening to what’s on the radio.

Since my music changes hour by hour, I could be in the mood for rap, pop, and rock at any day. It just depends. When listening to the radio, especially countdown radio stations, they’re an upbeat, pop kind of station. Hardly no rock music. We have the Sirius XM Channels on our TV’s so I am constantly on there and listening in on different channels. I love the Morning Mash Up and the people who run that day-to-day. They are hilarious. They are just amazing to listen to in the mornings. They will definitely get you into a good mood if you’re in a not so good mood. Another channel I can not get enough is Sirius XM Octane. Around noon, I am usually listening to them. Starts my afternoon out great, and my evenings too.

I’m such a music fiend that I can go from my iPod one minute, my TV to the next half hour, then lastly my Spotify account. I love my Spotify account. I’ve got to enjoy different music from there. They have some soundtracks and some tunes I haven’t heard in a while. Yesterday, my Spotify account was replaced with iHeartRadio. When my friend Kate and I were looking to listen to SixxSense, the link to listen to that station took me to iHeartRadio website. Let’s just say, I am in love with it already. It is really easy to use, but you have to take some chances. I have five stations that I can’t stop listening to. I heart SixxSense (of course), Rock Nation, Rock Nation: Top 20 Hits, Linkin Park Radio, and Christina Aguilera Radio. I must have some pop music swirling around in my head. I can’t be lame only liking rock music and nothing else. That doesn’t make me, me.

Already A Crazy Friday.

So today is Friday! Thank god right? If you’re like me though, sometimes getting excited for Friday’s is kind of stupid. Everyday feels like a Friday to me considering I don’t hardly go anywhere during the week and I’m usually keeping busy by listening to music and reading. So everyday is like a weekend for me. If I have plans for the weekends then all I want is that week to fly by just like it does when I’m doing my usual, but whenever I have plans the week goes by so slow. I hate it.

For my mom and sister, Friday’s are the best days ever considering they get two days off. Since I have these shows on during the weekday, it doesn’t seem so bad. All week-long is a different night of something to watch except for Monday and Tuesday, they are my two days of Dancing With The Stars. One is a good day, the other is liable to be a sad day of your favorites going home. But as soon as it’s over you can retreat to your next favorite spot that makes you happy after a long day. Your bed.

When I woke up this morning, my left eye was bugging me. It might be because of my hair going all crazy in front of my face or my crazy eye lashes falling off like leafs during the last months of fall. Except mine are getting caught on their neighbors and bugging the crap out of me. I’m getting over it because I don’t feel like getting back to my bad mood I woke up with this morning. That’s what I hate the most. You wake up on a Friday morning in a bad mood for no reason. I sat up and got online and didn’t even want to read my book. Which is odd since I couldn’t keep myself away from it yesterday. I wasn’t in the mood this morning. I wasn’t in the mood for anything really. My internet was being slow today and my patience isn’t here today. So I gave up on that for 30 minutes then I got back on to better results.

I was on my Twitter and Facebook. Doing my usual. Reading everybody’s problems and funny posts like a crazy person. Right before I got offline I was on Facebook of what was supposed to be for the last for an hour. Dj Ashba had updated his status (which also sends to your Twitter) and he had said that he hasn’t had a cigarette in 10 days, and that is very good. I posted a reply on his Facebook first then went on Twitter and posted “very happy you’re quitting smoking. Hope you have a good day.” My phone was already blowing up with all the people I was talking to, but something inside went about two minutes after I sent that reply, that it might’ve been him. I love unexpected surprises that are good. I had tweets from my friends then a reply back from Dj. Whatever bad mood I was in this morning isn’t here anymore. I was very happy, probably too happy. Thank god I’ve come back to Earth about ten minutes afterwards.

After that my friend Kate and I were talking about Nikki Sixx, and I told her about Mike and Chester from Linkin Park being on SixxSense tonight. So we’ve been trying to figure out how to listen to this, considering neither one of us have listened in before. Nikki Sixx + Mike Shinoda + Chester Bennington = Awesome combination. I had to look on SixxSense’s website to see how to listen in. Thank god I saw the “Listen Live” at the top before going off the site altogether. That was like two hours ago, I’m still on I Heart Radio listening to different radio stations. Just killing time until four, since Dr. Phil comes on at that time. So hopefully somebody posts on their Twitter’s what time it comes on because we both live on opposite sides of the planet and I got Blue Bloods on tonight. Which I won’t mind missing it for these guys I mean, come on.  Well hope everybody has a great day.

You’re Good Enough, One Day You’ll Believe It.

Something happened yesterday, for years and years, since I’ve been on this Earth I’ve always had people try to tell me I’m good enough and I’ve never really believed them because of the obvious. I hated looking in mirrors growing up, because I hated what I saw. I know a little after I came home from having my back surgeries in 2002 I remember going by a mirror at my nana’s house that was on the a full length mirror and I could scoot up to it and look at myself and I would usually cry because I would pick out certain things that I wish I could change and it would bug me to do everytime I went around it. One day, I noticed I no longer had my hump that I had from having Scoliosis. I always had this hump and once I figured out it was gone I remember being happy, but I went to tell my nana and mom that “now I just got to work my arms and nose.”

I hated myself as a kid. I was never bullied in school and I don’t know why I was never bullied. You read different stories of handicapped kids in public schools getting bullied and it’s sad, and I wish I knew that answer. I think since I didn’t bullied by my classmates, I think I just did it to myself. I don’t remember much of hating myself to the extreme until I got into middle school. Seventh grade was bad. I hated being around all these girls that had a boyfriend at their arm length and they just looked so gorgeous. So my mind kept telling me, “you’ll never be good enough. Don’t listen to what anybody says.” It really sucked to always have that stuck in my head.

I caught myself doing something yesterday I actually never thought I’d be happy about, considering how my evil mind works. One of my friends on Twitter, was talking about getting in shape for a celebrity. You know how fans work, they dream of one day meeting their favorite celebrities and going on a date with and happily ever after. I’m not much into that, but got to say thank god you all can’t see my dreams at night. Anyways, this girl and I were talking about how she didn’t have to be stick figure and try to impress him since that’s what he likes. You shouldn’t have to change yourself no matter what. Come to find out, she just wanted to work out. Later on, I realized I was still mad at her for thinking she wasn’t good enough and it drove me nuts. Then I started thinking how did I go from hating myself to might possibly loving myself. I have noticed I’m hardly depressed anything, not upset about how ugly I am, and just accepting everyday God gives me. It’s very weird.

Little Things About My Crazy Life.

In everyday life, we enjoy everything that makes us happy. Sometimes we aren’t so grateful for everything we get like we should. We should be grateful for everyday that God lets us have and thank him for it. I know I try to say thank you after the day is done and I’m about to get some sleep. I try to appreciate the little things. Last night I made another board on my Pinterest, happily titled “Little Things” just circled everything that makes me happy that to some people would sometimes be a little crazy, like being able to breathe through your nose after a cold or peeing after holding it in for a long time. I mean, those types of things aren’t the first thing that makes you happy. Well, I’m sure they do, but when somebody asks you what makes you appreciate life? Those two things are not at the top of your list.

Something that makes appreciate life comes a moment in my life that now is kind of funny, but also kind of sad when I talk about it. I’ve been stuck to scooting on the floor and being in wheelchairs all my life that like I’m kind of worried if I am ever able to have kids someday, how am I going to teach my kids how to crawl or ride a bike, because I was never taught neither one when I was younger. I’ve been on a bike before when I was probably 8 yesterday and it was inside at my nana’s. It was my sister’s and it was a preschool bike, it had the training wheels and everything. My nana stood me up and I could hardly get my legs to bend down to reach the pedals. I was sad, but kind of glad we were inside doing this but it was awkward.

I was never taught to crawl, instead I was always rolling around on the floor. Which meant I was hitting my head on the corners of the walls and my legs were also getting caught because I was rather too long to get through that small gap. When I was little the only reason why I started scooting was because of my arms. Since they don’t move out of their place and even if you lifted them above my head it wouldn’t do any good. Later on in life I finally figured out I could indeed crawl, but only on smooth surfaces. On carpets and wood flooring it would be kind of difficult for me to get around, since my arms would get rug burns and on wood flooring I’d be sliding all over the place. Scooting was the only thing that seemed to work. So it stuck with me and that’s how I still get around if I’m on the floor or on my bed.

I’ve had dreams before where my kids would learn how to scoot instead of crawling and doing the basic things that babies do like standing their selves up by themselves, or attempting to do so. Standing up on my own was never an option for me sadly. We have a picture of me leaning up against the couch and I use to love to do that. I had it down pat when I would flip myself around and just stand there. My feet would fall asleep rather quickly but I thought it was cool that I mastered how to do it. This standing technique ended up being my source to getting up and down my bed and the couches. I remember one time my sister and I were in our room and I had this bed that could be made into a couch, and I use to jump up and down all the time. One time, I was getting cocky and I noticed I was getting taller and I could the floor at the bottom of my feet. Then my sister and I noticed I had stood up and went back down so we hollered for mom and dad and as soon as they came by the door, I went up and apparently went to far up and faceplanted on the floor. Not a good thing, but you live and learn right?