Album Review: My Darkest Days, “Sick and Twisted Affair”

I haven’t done an album review and I got lucky to hear one right in time. I am a big fan of My Darkest Days, if you didn’t already know. So I’ve actually been very ready for this album to come out. I remember in December reading on my Facebook news feed that they were going to release a new song next month. So I went crazy but noticed I had to wait a whole month for this song. At first I thought it was another single from their pervious album. I was wrong, of course. When January came along and I first heard “Casual Sex” I was kind of stunned, yet again of how much they talk about sex, but it’s rock music. Why do you think everybody says, “Sex, drugs, and rock n roll?”

I’ve been spending the whole morning, just listening to the new songs. Their title track “Sick and Twisted Affair” was released on Noisecreep, I think Friday. I loved it at the first listen. I was looking up on YouTube and I was searching for the acoustic version of one of their new songs “Save Yourself” and I ended up not only finding that song, but some of their other new songs that I’m still trying to figure out how anybody found them, but that thought quickly faded away when I started listening to these songs. I don’t (sadly) have their first album, but I have like eight songs out of what twelve songs on that album? Yeah, I can’t wait to go to Walmart on Wednesday. I will be a proud owner of this album.

I don’t rate albums by the band. If I like a certain band or artists and I know they are releasing an album, yes, I will listen to it and make a review about what I liked and what I didn’t like about it. In this case, rock music has to have three things that I look for. 1.) A nice and somewhat mysterious introduction. 2.) Diversity between songs. 3.) And a bit of boldness. That’s what I look like with almost any music you put in front of me. Something I liked with this album and their first album was they have one cover song per album. They covered “Stutter” by R&B artist Joe. Some of my favorite songs, beside the title track. I love “Save Yourself” but I’m still trying to decide if I like the acoustic version better or not. They do amazing acoustics! I really love “Gone,” “Perfect,” and “Nature Of The Beast.” They all have the number one thing I always look for, a nice and somewhat mysterious introduction into the song.

Some songs I didn’t like so much, but I can’t say I hate them, because if you give me more time I’ll probably like them later on. I mean, the day isn’t over yet right? I didn’t like “Rolling Stoned,” Love Crime,” and “Again.” I don’t understand why because they have both one and three. There is a big diversity in every song. Some are about love, break-ups, and finding love when you think you don’t deserve to. Then there’s the songs to some people’s minds are about sex. If you can get your mind out of the gutter than you can direct your thoughts onto another direction. Trust me, it works. In the deluxe edition, there are two other songs,  the acoustic of “Every Lie” and  “Like Nobody Else” was remixed by Mountain View. I’m kind of hoping to find the deluxe and uncensored version instead, but I am going to Walmart so I don’t know. I definitely think it’s an amazing album, you should definitely get it and maybe you’ll be surprised.

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