Something You Can’t Get From A History Book.

I talked about my favorite movies from the 90s, but I want to talk about TV shows that I can not stop watching nowadays. For some, I have to get lucky. Some shows like Cities of the Underworld don’t come out with new seasons anymore. I’m a history junkie. I like to read and watch specials on both History channels. Sometimes (and I’m not lying) if I am at my grandparents house I will watch the Military channel with my papaw. It will show war specials and I’m a bit crazy when I watch different things like this.

Everybody wonders about that. Why I’m so interested into history. I don’t have an answer unless it’s because I have different family members that have served our country. Anyways, I recently got into MonsterQuest and MysteryQuest, thanks to my dad. I watch these shows (unless they air the episodes about ghosts) and I love when they do marathons of the series. I can’t get enough. I started watching Finding Bigfoot as well. As much as I’d be scared shitless about finding a real Bigfoot this makes me very happy. I love watching it on Sunday’s.

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