Forbidden Groove

Thanks to my friend Kate, I’m going to let loose on something that has been flowing around in my head since yesterday. I’ve been thinking forward to watching Footloose again since we saw it in theaters the weekend before my birthday. I still remember sitting in my seat. My sister grumbling about how she didn’t want to see it but seemed to enjoy it while she sat with friends. My mom left before Kenny’s dance in the warehouse. She came back the second after it was over. She still loved it even though she’s seen the first one.

We both watched Julianne and Kenny on Dancing With The Stars, they came to dance/promote for the movie. They did a slow dance at the beginning to Ella Mae Bowen’s “Holding Out For A Hero” and then switched to Blake Shelton and his band performing his remake “Footloose” and the other dancers and both of them had changed and danced during Blake’s performance.

I’m getting overboard with this again. The real reason why I’m doing this is because one hing bugged me, well I can’t say “bugged” me but they made me think. Like everything else does. What if dancing was against the law? Seriously? What if the Government wrote it in stone that dancing was forbidden? I know it’s a bit unreal. Just think for a second. What would we do? Dancing is a stress reliever. Any type of dancing.

Most importantly what if you were banned from listening to inappropriate music, such as some rap, rock and pop music? This morning my nana and I were watching this movie at her house and we both looked at each other and said, we would never make it. Because it’s the truth. To some of you Justin Bieber haters, you’d be screwed! Dancing and listening to our favorite music makes us who we are. Nobody should have the right to take that from us over one mistake.

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