This Monday Hates Me

I guess I’m just losing my will to do anything. I haven’t read on my Kindle for a month. I haven’t draw anything for at least two weeks now. I’m really sad about it because I was right yet again. Everytime I start anything I never seem to finish it. Lovely. Just what I need right about now. More shit to make my life that much worse. However, I can’t say “worse” but it’s just Monday and tomorrow could be different. But it’s tonight yet either. The Voice is on tonight and I’m going to try to do my first review of the show tonight since it’s the beginning of Battle Rounds. Last year, I got to Semi-Finals and stopped doing my reviews. I can never do anything and finish it. Never. I don’t know what’s my problem. I am so discouraged about it all. It just sucks.

I had to go on another deleting spree again. This time it wasn’t on Twitter. This one was on Facebook and it needed to be done. I’m a little bit pissed off at myself really. Because the one thing I promised myself I wouldn’t do, I did. I added a few people who I had on my other account to this one. I’ve never been so mad at myself! Somebody should have smacked me upside the head when I did that. That would have been the smartest thing for anyone to do. It save me my emotions and anger from being up and down all the time. Oh well, lesson learned. Be careful of who you trust and go with your gut and ignore the people who say they’re for you when they can’t show their faces to me. I’m so over people.

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