Family Stories On Trips

Today at my nana’s, since we couldn’t go over and have lunch there yesterday since Em and mom were in Kentucky. Some of us had pizza like we did last weekend, but Em wanted a sub. She’s trying to eat healthy. She thinks she’s fat, but we don’t see it. In other words, she’s believing a very common lie that gets inside a teenage girl’s mind all the time. Anyways, at the end of our lunch and when mom was getting ready to go to the store to do nana’s errands. They were talking about funny stories of their time in Louisville. Mom was listing her top three favorite and funny stories when she was younger of going to places. Most involved papaw doing something. Like, losing his glasses in the ocean and having to drive home without them. That had to be an interesting ride home.

I was thinking during them telling their stories that I don’t have very many stories because I don’t really remember going far away and having something funny come up in the middle of the trip. Mom reminded me when we got pulled over in St, Louis, MO. We were like five minutes away from Shriner’s and this cop pulled us over. I remember dying of laughing because I just couldn’t believe it. As I started to really think about it. The only trip I could remember that could be funny to everybody else. We were in Fort Wayne and we all went in March. It must’ve been Spring Break too because we had everybody, well almost everybody. I was sick and it had snowed on the night before we were to drive back home. We ended up staying there for an extra day or two I think.

I’m trying to remember other trips that I haven’t talked about it yet. I talked about the running into the mirror at the Aquarium in Ohio, a few posts ago. I can’t think of anything funny when we went to Florida in 2003. I’m sure there was something funny my dad did… Aha! Got something! When we first moved in our house in Florida at the Make-A-Wish little lot they had. It was like a mini community really. Anyways, we went to the Walmart there in Florida and mom had bought these microwave pizzas in case we didn’t want to go to the little shop were they served snacks and stuff. Well when we got back and mom and dad were unloaded stuff from the store, we quickly found out that we didn’t have a microwave. Mom stored them in the freezer. The day we left to go back home they were still there.

4 thoughts on “Family Stories On Trips

      1. Oh. You’re right. Teen girls sometimes focus on weight rather than health. As long as she’s eating healthy food, she should be OK. She’s lucky to have people around her who care.


  1. Yeah, you have a point. Ever since she started her lift weight class, she thinks she’s fat when she’s not. She hates her stomach. She loves her arms looking buff but her self-eestm about her weight is very low. She shouldn’t be feeling that way. If I lost weight I’d look very sick. I’m disabled so if my upper body (not including my arms) got skinnier I’d have to go to the hospital. She should be lucky that she can eat pretty much everything and not gain much in the first place. Not she hardly eats anything and she’s on a diet. She’s nuts.


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