My Inner Nerd Is Killing Me

If you thought art was my only love/hate relationship than you’re wrong. Because sadly, it’s not. I have another love/hate relationship with books. Let’s just get this out-of-the-way, I’m a very picky person with tons of things that should be simple enough for me since I’m so damn slow. I’m picky with music, books, and people. Being picky with people is a fun past time for me. Anyways, my mom and I were just talking about going to the library since I haven’t yet. Our town has a new library now, and I really want to go. I’m also getting my book withdrawals. I haven’t had them for almost two weeks. Whoohoo! I’ve never done that in a while, but I’m also done with the musician biographies too. I do have one more, but it’s not on Kindle edition. Thank god!

I looked up some books yesterday on Shelfari. I am trying to get me into other books besides biographies, which are my favorites. I’m also a big fan of Teen books. I’m trying to find new stuff I’ve never read before, or in some cases I’ve read but been pretty sneaky about it. With saying that, it’s nothing bad. Besides what does what I read matter to you? I didn’t know I had to stay away and not read certain things. They’re just books. Get over it. On a good note, well it’s actually a confusing one really. I’m not a fan of supernatural or romance books. I don’t know why, because I love reading about fantasies. I have a pretty good imagination and since I’m not in school anymore, it hasn’t been working to it’s best.

The book I found yesterday was a supernatural and romance book. It sounded interesting… yesterday. Today, now talking to mom about buying a freaking book. I’m rethinking it. It’s not a series I’m familiar with and it’s in a category that I’ve read before. It’s over 250 pages. Why don’t I want this book? Such a mystery to me! I’m picky because I’m scared that I’ll buy a book and get in the middle of it and say, “it sucks.” Haven’t done that yet. I’m actually just considering buying a book I read in school. I miss it, and I’ve actually never read a book twice. This one I really loved and want to read it again. I hope I go to the library soon before I go insane.

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