Sweet Tooth Is Mean This Morning

Earlier this morning, like real early. It was like around 8:30 or 9am and I was, of course, watching Cooking and/or Food Network and starving and craving different food that I may or may not have tried yet and was just in a state where if I wasn’t fed soon I’d probably kill someone. I’m good now, definitely not feeling that well now. Well, actually there is a picture of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in front of me, and my sweet tooth is screaming at me. Uh oh, great! I know for a fact we have nothing chocolate here at the house. I’m screwed!

I was watching Cooking Network and they were advertising something. It should have clicked instantly as it came on but it didn’t. February starts this week, right? So Valentine’s Day is coming. Valentine’s Day might be a “lovers” holiday but to us singles, it’s our second Halloween. Candy and chocolates don’t go in a bag, they go in our mouths as soon as we get them. It’s the one holiday that involves sweets and you don’t have to dress up to receive them. Anyways, Cooking Network is going to have a “Chocolate Covered Week” all next week. I wanted it to be this week, but no. They should put out the ads around Thursday’s, but I will say that made my Monday morning that much better. Excuse my crazy mood, but this picture is making me hungry again. So you might want to hide from me, and keep your candy, chocolates, and ice cream as far away from me as you can.

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