So today is almost finished. I’m actually sad that it’s ending because today was one of my better days I’ve had in a while. And that’s even before I became sick, I had a few sad days but I didn’t want them to be true so I kept denying them. I remembered yesterday, I was listening to metal bands all morning long and then I stopped and instantly got depressed. I wasn’t myself and I had made a promise this morning that I wouldn’t be sad today at all. So what did I do? I listened to everything (almost) that made me happy yesterday once again. I even found more stuff and listened to the older stuff that was replaced by the new. I was happy to know that my voice was starting to sound right again, and I could actually hold a note while I sang. Oh, that was awesome! I could breathe through my nose and even smelling different things. Earlier, my dad and sister were watching a movie in the living room and somebody made popcorn and I could actually smell it after four days!

It just turned 11:30pm and I’m not tired (yet) and I’ve got my headphones and listening to my “starred” tracks on my Spotify account. At the moment, I’m listening to “Shot In The Dark” by Within Temptation. I can’t stop listening to rock music, can’t I? I’ll probably end it as soon as I’m done here and go to YouTube and watch some Sixx:A.M. videos. It’s a routine I have now. If I don’t hear them before I go to sleep, it’s a wasted night. I must have that last image of Dj Ashba to get me to go to sleep at night. I’m such a weirdo. I read my book before my mom came home from work. I’m really liking this book, and I’m starting to be happy I’m sick because this book has a lot of sad parts in it and I can’t cry when I’m sick. It would end in disaster if I did cry. Anyways, it’s a good book. I can’t wait to do a book review for you us after I’m done, but since I’m at like 28% it’s going to be a while until you get a review. Sorry, well I’m going to go. Goodnight. ❤

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