Seventeen Forever

It’s official, I feel old! Surprisingly enough it didn’t have to be my birthday to make me feel this way. Instead it had to be my sister’s birthday. My little sister, sweet, blonde, perfect, normal little sister turns seventeen today. I have always envied pretty much everything about this fireball. She is a fireball, especially when somebody’s just lit her up about something. Just be careful about where you stand around because it won’t end well. Trust me. Anyways, she’s a hoot when it comes to certain things. Always can make inside joke.

She’s been like my protector. I’ve been around people who’ve had younger siblings and they didn’t have that much responsiblity at such a young age to look out for somebody older than you. Then I quickly figured out why. I’m a lot different from this blonde, pretty cheerleader. As much as there is a lot of differences in between us, we do have somethings we both like. Some music (not a lot) and other things. One of the things we like is photography. One year, she came into my room and it was a couple of days before Christmas and we decided to have a photo shoot in my room. That was interesting. We had hats, bubble gum, wrappers from the gum to make like we had grills on our teeth. We pretty much went crazy that night. She took most of the pictures and later on I edited a bunch of pictures.

My sister is pretty strong. She has been put through a lot. I feel sorry for anyone who gets on her bad side. I love when she learns different things. When she started to figure out how to rap with Eminem, it was the most awesome thing ever! She was unstoppable. She goes pretty quick too. As much as she thinks she doesn’t have a good voice to sing with, she does. Don’t let her fool you with that. She’s the only one who can get through different horror, paranormal stuff and not sleepwalk throughout the house afterwards. God help us if that sentence decides to haunt me tonight. As I get older, I start to appreciate her a lot more than I use to. I’m always here for her and will promise to not judge so much. I love her! ❤

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