Book Review: This Is Gonna Hurt

So here we are again, my fourth book in this little web. This book was probably my favorite and most exciting book to get. Before I even bought this book I was pumped! I had listen to “This Is Gonna Hurt” by Sixx:A.M. and already read Nikki’s first book, The Heroin Diaries, kind of already knowing what I’d be getting myself into. I had watched the music videos but “Lies Of The Beautiful People” was the first, I will say I’m not the biggest fan of the real creepy stuff. Watching the music video at first, flipped me upside down and over again.

Then once as I finally got the book, I started reading about why he takes pictures of people who are physically different and of things that people normally think  are strange. His pictures are all over the book, and as a so-called “hater” of creepy stuff, I’m fine with this. I think he corrupted me. Because before, I hated myself, didn’t think I was beautiful because of everybody else around me who had rejected all these years. Feeling kind of bitter. Almost like of hating all men, and I started reading about Nikki and my heart got all happy. Finally, a man who was different. There really is a God. Everybody should read this book.

I feel like I’m at school doing a paper about somebody that a teacher assigned to me and getting completely shell-shocked about somebody I assumed would be like every other male in the world. Man, was I wrong? His first book scared the living out of me. I don’t know if I was scared of how he used to be, or something else, but it worked. Afterwards, I knew I had to read his second book. And surprisingly enough, I just wanted the book for the photography. The journal part was the second part I was anxious about. By the day it came in, I was all giddy and probably looked like a crazy person to my dad. Getting all excited over a book. Well, there’s always a first. Knowing that a few hours after giving me the book he told me he might read it after me. Here you go dad!

Nikki is very bold. I couldn’t believe half the things he said in the book. I remember reading some pages and being stunned with his words. As I started reading it, I could feel myself building up the tears inside. All the pain I’ve felt about myself started to feel like it was going to come out on full blast. Somehow I managed to keep it together even though it was really hard to keep them in. I’ve cried too much in my life to let a book get to me. My favorite page was 85, well actually it starts on page 84. Those two pages practically killed me inside. Nikki talks about his life, both bands, and past. I think Nikki talking about Mick Mars was probably the one of the most sweetest but yet saddest things I’ve ever read in my life. I’ve read a lot of books, but these two pages were my favorites. I don’t want give out much just in case some that are reading haven’t read it yet. I don’t want to spoil it, but you might want tissues.

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