My World Will Be Dead. (My Views On The SOPA Bill)

Feels like I just wrote a sucide note on my Twitter to all my friends. How can somebody threaten to away something so dear to you. I have NO friends in this town, ALL my friends are online. If I cry tonight it will be because my heart is dying and that makes me cringe. All these people that have changed me, and everybody thinks Internet is a bad thing. What kind of rock do you live under? Not everybody in this world is ouit to hurt you. If you lived in my shoes for one day, just talkin to these people and worring about them on a daily basis like I do, you might understand, but not completely. I think that the people who decided this SOPA bill are stupid!

You DO NOT have the right to take away something that is a life line to so many people to not give up their lives. Taking away the Internet, the right for us to express ourselves the way we want to, is not something to be messed with. It’s like we’re kids again and being told by an adult not to do something. How are we suppose to learn from it? This was just suppose to be my Facebook status, but then the more my mind exploded so did the status. So I thought I’d post it here. Where it should be. I’m expressing MY feelings. The way I want to. This is MY blog and I can say whatever the hell I want to. We shouldn’t have to hide what we like. It’s what makes us original. So to be fully done with this, I’ll probably cry tonight. My heart will sink in and die. If the bill passes tomorrow I might actually believe the world will end in December, because my world would already be dead.

2 thoughts on “My World Will Be Dead. (My Views On The SOPA Bill)

  1. It’s all about money Meghan…. seems like our body of government is motivated by money. Fortunately they realized how much money would be impacted thanks to the blackout and are backing down. But stay on your toes! They tried to sneak those bills in once, and they most likely will again.


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