New Round Of Friends

I’m a fan of so many things it’s crazy sometimes, however I don’t react the same way like everybody else does. When it comes to like the smaller things that I like, I tend to be a little bit more excited about. The bigger things, it just depends on my mood for that day. About 95% of the time, when it comes to celebrities of any kind. I don’t fangirl a lot. And you can ask some of the Linkin Park fans that I follow, they’ll tell you I rarely go crazy about anything that has to do with celebrities, mostly musicians. When I do go crazy, it’s usually gone within an hour or so. I don’t like to fangirl as much. I think its overrated. People talking about their favorite celebrities is one thing, but going absolutely nuts over them is dumb! I must admit though, when I do let go of my little wall I put up to guard myself from even going too insane, it’s building itself back up.

Now telling you, I have to tell you this. Last night was pretty interesting. Since getting into Sixx:A.M., Motley Crue, and kind of Guns N Roses, I’ve been trying to follow more fans from each band. Luckily, a bunch love all three so I tend to get lucky. My first social network site I started finding a bunch was on Tumblr. Weird part is, my Tumblr likes to be a jerk everytime I try to get on it. It wants to freeze up and I have to exit out that tab and start a new one. Anyways, I like talking to them, and I also love their pictures they either post themselves or reblog, I’ve noticed that I’ve been reblogging lots of just DJ Ashba stuff. Not really complaining since in every picture I’ve blogged he’s drop dead gorgeous! Sorry, but true! Anyways, they’re a lot of fun!

Something I’ve noticed over the past month is that there is a different age pool between these three bands. I think most are my age and up. Which is nice, because being a fan of Linkin Park on Twitter, there’s like four or six of us who are not in our teens anymore and the rest of us are around 15-17 years of age. Not a big gap. With these three bands so far, I’ve met around three teenagers and the rest are my age and probably about their 30s, depending on who will tell their age. They’re an interesting bunch of people and again, like with Tumblr most of my new Twitter friends are Ashba fans. So they tend to be very nutty, and that can go either way. They’re fun to talk to. You definitely won’t regret it that’s for sure!

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