Book Review: It’s So Easy (and other lies)

My third book in the spider web I’ve put myself in between two bands. Before I even wanted to read Slash and Nikki Sixx’s books, the only book I was concerned with was Duff’s book. In November, I went online to see how much it was and it was $32.99 but it had just came out so that was kind of the reason why it was so much. So I had to look around and that’s how I found and read Slash’s book first. When I was reading Slash’s book, there were some things in there that made go, oh god, did he really just say that? I thought that throughout the whole damn book. In Nikki’s book, I was more scared about the events he wrote about and the drug abuse. Both had a lot of stories of drug abuse. It freaked me out!

When I decided to get another book after I finished Nikki’s book. At first, I didn’t want to read Duff’s book. I thought it was going to the same stories in Slash’s book just in different text and perspectives. I knew drugs and alcohol were going to be in this book, and that was my reason of not wanting to go ahead and reading it. I had already read about two recovering drug addicts, I didn’t think I could get through reading about another one. Well, after some looking around at other books. I caved in and bought it. And I do not regret it. Out of all three books this one was my favorite. It was the reason why I love biographies of different people.

In the beginning, I was reading about how he had panic attacks, he was offered to become a pastry chef (which I’ve got to say, through me for a loop), how much he cared for everybody, surviving after his pancreatitis, getting clean from everything, just different things like that. Things you would not expect for a person in his shoes would do. Really? It’s crazy, but that’s what made reading his story that much better! I like to be surprised by certain things by different people. You know that quote don’t judge a book by its cover? Yeah, everybody needs to keep that in mind, especially while reading this book. Because everything you think a person is, it could totally be the opposite. I definitely recommend this book to anyone. It’s worth the read, trust me!

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