Too Many Shirts For Me To Handle

My head is just spinning! I’ve been looking ahead to our shopping trip tomorrow, I went on Vanity, Charlotte Russe, JCPenney, Pink, and Express yesterday was successful at finding different shirts. I never seem to look for pants online. It’s strange really, but then I know why because I don’t normally wear jeans anymore and most stores don’t sell my kind of pants. Even though, Pink has yoga pants so those actually work with me. The other pants are usually too long in the length for my legs, which sometimes we can get my nana to shorten them. Or it’s usually my waist that is the problem. Mom will put them up to me and say, “they might fit.” Bring them home, and I can’t breathe. They usually get turned into Emily’s pants. She makes everything look good.

I was looking up shirts on Hot Topic a while ago. Hoping to find some good shirts to get. I had in my head that I wanted another Paramore and I wanted my first Five Finger Death Punch shirt. Found both of those instantly. I told myself maybe you should keep looking to see what else you find. I found a lot of shirts my sister would love, like Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj shirts. I also found a lot of Metallica shirts, which got me thinking, I wonder if they have any Motley Crue shirts? Dumb brain, I instantly thought afterwards. Then I found a Guns N Roses shirt and I was just, “ok, we’re moving in the right direction.” Then my world got a little more exciting when I found a Backstreet Boys shirt. I could have just stopped right there, but no. I kept going on. Next page, I found a Motley Crue shirt. It’s very tempting!

Now I’m at a dilemma. I have about four shirts I actually want, but there is one shirt that I can’t find at Hot Topic or on Amazon. Which sucks I got to say! I really want this Sixx:A.M. technically if you really want to get into it, I don’t care about the other shirts I just want this shirt. Badly! So my luck, I probably won’t buy anything at the mall and just buy this freaking shirt online, but hey! Maybe I can get a DJ Ashba shirt too. This is how my mind works, finding ways to get out of certain things and saving up to get something else. This shall be interesting!

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