Fun Times As A Child

My friend Ashlyn, she is such a sweetie, she asked me on Twitter what my friends and I use to do when we were kids. Which is interesting, I have not thought about for a while. I do miss hanging out with friends, but I think what I miss the most is the whole slumber parties I use to have when I was younger. Birthday parties were pretty interesting too. When I was in 1st grade, I had a birthday party at our house, back then it was one of those things were if you were going to have a party, you had to invite everybody. I don’t remember who made up that rule, because I remember that party being really crazy. We had 11 kids in that house and there were boys being boys, my sister and I had this princess paper house that our dad put up for us and one of the boys put their foot through it. My sister and I were not very happy about that since we thought that was our club house in that big playroom we had. I also remember my dad flipping his eyelids back and my head was on the floor at my feet and my friend Victoria comforting me, I was so embarrassed by what he did, but the boys thought it was awesome!

In the next house we lived at was what I like to call the legendary house where I had the most slumber parties. When we were living there it was fun, I was still in grade school when we lived there. Nobody was out of that stage where slumber parties were uncool. One time, I had over I think five girls and no boys. We learned from the last time. We didn’t go too crazy, but I do remember jumping on the bed and listening to a lot of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. The second time that I can remember, I had over my cousin, our neighbor’s daughter who, my sister and I enjoyed to be around a lot, and one of my other friends from school. We decided to make tents to sleep under. Apparently, I wanted to act like a snobby birthday girl and bossed them around. I feel bad-looking back now on how I acted, thank god I changed after that.

Besides my parties that I held, I went to my friend’s parties too. However, while I was in grade school I never went to slumber party and stayed over til the next day. My friend Haley and I use to sleep over at each other’s houses all the time. We were inseparable and nutty! I remember the first sleep over I was invited to, Haley had a birthday and had about nine girls over maybe and we were all sleeping on the floor and I freaked! I just couldn’t sleep and I wanted to go home. So Haley’s mom called my mom and I went home and slept in my own bed. I didn’t sleep over at another sleep over until I was in middle school. That time, I went to my friend Brittney’s party at the skate park in Vincennes, I think and it was so much fun. We got to take a stroller because we didn’t have anything to bring my wheelchair, so they were my way of being mobile. I loved being in it, I couldn’t use the seatbelt because apparently I was too fat to even get the damn thing wrapped around me. So falling out of it was normal. I was always ready for round two afterwards.

Thankfully, while I was with Brittney’s family I didn’t fall out and we left there to go back to her dad’s house and spent the night there. I actually fell asleep before anyone else did. I have a history of doing that often. Besides these parties, there was one person that would invite to every party they had for his birthday. My first guy friend Zack lived by my nana’s house was around the house talking to my family and I. He always invited me to his birthday parties, and since his birthday was like five days before Halloween, Teepeeing was the “fun” thing the guys always did. They would leave for 20 minutes and go walking around with rolls of toilet paper. Those were the days! I never joined in, because I knew I could kick but I can’t throw so it was a “why bother” situation to me. I stayed behind and talked to his mom and sister. I always loved going to his parties, because he was the only guy to ever invite me over. He was my bud, he kind of had to.

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