I Am My Mother’s Daughter.

Well it’s official. I have been corrupted by my parents and Nikki Sixx. No more denying it anymore. I have listened to about three Motley Crue songs, but I have to mention. I’m only listening to the live versions. That’s how I first heard them and apparently liked them. It feels weird that I have made fun of my parents for their taste of music for years and I am listening to one of the “out there” bands. A week ago I blogged about saying I watched a live concert of them on TV and actually liked it. I was listening to “Home Sweet Home” and while it was playing I kept thinking in my head, “where have I heard that before?” My parents don’t have any Motley Crue CDs (which might be a good thing!) and I knew they don’t listen to bands like this around us. Then the little light bulb went off, I might be wrong, but I do remember my sister playing a Motley Crue song on Guitar Hero and dominating. She plays on “expert” so that’s the right way. Anyways, that’s how I remembered it. My sister plays it on Guitar Hero.

I got Nikki’s book today so I’ve been reading that all day long. I’m literally 50% of the way done with it. I have a feeling I might finish it either tomorrow or Thursday. Depends on my mood and legs, because both were bothering me today. In the book, he talked about “Wild Side” and another one that is mentioned like ten times but my brain won’t work right now to help me out. Oh well, anyways I am giving them a chance even though “Kickstart My Heart” and “Shout At The Devil” are pretty much on my favorite lists. “Home Sweet Home” and “Dr. Feelgood” are closely behind. I can see my mother waking up tomorrow morning asking me, “so did you have fun?” I just might hurt her if she asks that question because I’m going to instantly smile when she says it. One band and this happens. Really? Why now?

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