Well today I got my wish, well more a part of one of my prayers answered today. My mom went and did my nana’s errands for her this morning and not only did I get my cookie dough ice cream (Shhh… nobody tell my sister!!) but I also got my money that nana owed me. I used that for my new book. I like the fact that I did not ask for my money this morning before she left. I think I was more concerned about the ice cream than the damn money. Money doesn’t last long around me. Before my mom got back from there she sent me three texts messages, one answering the text I sent her after she pulled out of the driveway the other two were “Nana gave me your money you can buy your book now” and the last one was, “Headin home” by the time I saw any of these was when she actually pulled up to the driveway. It did not take me long to sit myself up and go to Amazon and buy the freaking book.

Between the book and ice cream those were my highlights of my day, because everything else about today sucked. I was in a mood where I hated everybody and definitely didn’t want to talk to anybody, and yet I felt bad thinking that way. I’m a weird person when it comes to certain things. I’m pretty random. I can be happy one minute and then get to thinking about something that happened a week ago and just ruin every good thing I had in my head. I try to keep myself occupied by doing things that don’t really make me think. So Twitter and Tumblr become my best friends when I get in these moods. Oh, lord “Skin” just started playing on my Spotify. Goody. Besides this song makes me really sad because of the lyrics. James Michael has one ahhh-mazing voice! Even though he’s around my dad’s age he really cute. Compared to DJ Ashba though, we can’t even go into that one. That’s enough to kill me right there. Nikki Sixx should consider himself lucky to not be on my “crush” list. Just saying!

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