Today Beats Monday’s Ass!

Today has been probably one of my happiest days ever! I love it when I get cleve ideas. These Christmas cards are done, with the exception of three of them. One had to be changed. I knew I would probably have to do that. While my mom was finding out who close with which address she was reading through them. I have a history of leaving out words and having bad grammar. The first batch she did, she didn’t read them. The second batch she did. I got one card with a missing word. I’m surprised my mom didn’t fix it while she had the chance. I am so happy I did this. Even though I’ve been worried about the overseas cards. I have 7 cards going to 6 different countries. There are two that live in the same country. My mom texted me a bit ago saying that they’re all under a dollar to be sent out. I’m so happy. All 7 cards are being shipped out probably tomorrow!

I’ve recieved three cards so far! One is from family (my nana) and the other two are my Twitter friends. I got the first two the other day and I have a hard time opening the envelopes. I’m surprised I didn’t get a papercut because I completely destroyed my nana’s card envelope so much that the card will not go back in. Oops! I took a picture of the envelope after I got the card out. It is pitful. Melissa’s card is small and not as bad to get open. It actually seemed to open easier, I didn’t have to fight the damn thing. Today I got my third card. My friend Stacie, she is from the UK and her card finally arrived! My mom saw it on the coffee table and showed it to me and ripped into it before I could even say anything. She read it first and saw the special something she tucked in the envelope. It was a boy band article in a UK magazine of Backstreet Boys. I’m very proud of myself I did not cry, but I thought my mom would. I now have three “Let It Snow” Christmas cards.

Today has kicked Monday’s ass to the core! I love it! ❤

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