Be Original, Don’t Die A Copy

Being yourself is hard work. Especially if you don’t even know yourself. If you’re like me, you have lots and lots of insecurities. I have way too many of them. I hardly have confidence in myself and my emotions get trapped inside to the point where some nasty thoughts errupt. You can’t be yourself and follow others at the same. I wish I knew that in school. Everybody wanted me to be a certain way and I down right hated it. Yet I didn’t know how I would act if I had to choice anyways. I would second guess myself and let people get the best of me. I hated everytime somebody told me I couldn’t do something. I mean, how do they know how to do things? I gave up a lot of things for my insecurities. Who knew feeling like a failure would suck so much?

Recently I’ve discovered something. A bit of confidence I guess you could say. Several months ago I changed my Twitter username back to @gotmeghan, after it was something random, but sweet. The reason why I liked it so much is because I’m like a small brand. I use it for most of my URL’s. Twitter and this blog. Then I changed my name on Twitter. I didn’t want my last name on their and I wanted my nickname and actual name so I combined them. I put “Meg(z)han” as my full name. I liked it and it was exactly what I wanted. It was original and nobody had it, that I know of. So now I’ve got a second brand. My signature on my phone is that and my Facebook Page is no longer “Got Meghan’s Blog” it is now “Meg(z)han’s Blog.” I can’t change my URL on here because of the “(z)” part.

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