What’s So Different About Ridiculousness?

I am addicted to this freaking show, it’s seriously one of my favorite shows ever! Wasn’t really into Rob Dydrek before this show came on MTV. Even though the dude has like a few shows on the network I was never really interested in him or his shows. Then MTV started showing previews for this show and I watched the first episode and I laughed my ass off! Until there was a few clips where people were getting hurt then I stopped laughing. Everybody knows if I’m laughing or shouting “Oh!” I’m watching Ridiculousness.

Monday’s episode was a special one. Ryan Dunn from Jackass was on there and a few months ago he was killed in a car accident. Before the episode premiered they played the epsiodes with Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine, who are also part of the Jackass clan. After the Ridiculousness episode, they did a tribute to Ryan.  They have different apperances come for a visit and sit and watch sone crazy clips. I think they keep adding different categories with every show because they are a lot I hardly ever see but in one episode. Sometimes just one category is more hilarious than the others.

So what’s the difference between Ridiculousness and other vitral video shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos? Well in those it’s most of a family themed show. Even though they show about the same stuff. Ridiculousness doesn’t really promote everybody to send videos in. They literally don’t. They have reminders at the beginning and end of the show to not send any videos of people doing any of the stunts they’ve seen. If you’ve ever watched AFV if you send a video in, you might win cash or a T-Shirt. They are promoting it pretty much. Ridiculousness doesn’t do specials on Holidays and about animals. Even though got to say, that would be awesome if they did. AFV does everything, well most at least.

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