Not Worth It Today

This cold weather hates me to the core. I’ve been feeling lazy for the past two days, well actually I take that back it started on Sunday and it went away. Monday was fine with me. It wasn’t as bad as it’s been. Today, I’m definitely feeling it again. I’m not depressed or anything I just feel my hips hurting more today. It hurts to sit up but I need to sit up and not lay down all day long. I’d be tempted to fall asleep and then I’ll never get any sleep tonight but I haven’t been getting much sleep at night anyways, so who cares? Oh, just remembered I can’t fall asleep after mom gets home. Teen Nick is going a four hour marathon of Rugrats tonight. Maybe I can get my mom to tape it for me. Sorry, but I miss my Rugrats being on.

Earlier today I was reading my mom’s People issue of Sexiest Man Alive. I read that after I got done eating and sat up after eating and getting up fully. It was a bad idea. When I sit up to read something I read it on my bed and lean up a little which puts pressure on my hips even more and it bugs me later on in the day. After I was done I put the magazine on the floor and laid back down. I sincerely doubt I’ll be reading today. It’s kind of hurting me now to sit up and type this up, but I needed to do something besides listen to my iPod on the stereo and watch TV. Mentally I’m not lazy, but phsyically I am.  I’ll read tomorrow, hopefully. Actually I’m going to need every once of strength for Thursday so I think I should be lazy tomorrow. Why couldn’t they just switch? This sucks now,

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