Considered A Life Blog

I have considered making another blog talking about only my life and the stories I have inside. My great aunt wanted my nana and I to write a book based on my life, but to be honest I’ve kind of hated the idiot. My nana liked it of course and started on it, but everytime she would ask me about certain times I would remember it well and tell her about it. She had several pages from the start of my life, but on how she wanted to do it wasn’t what I wanted. She and my aunt already wanted to give it the title “Faith Is All You Need.” No offense or anything, but I hardly have faith in myself and if it’s about me. I’d like it to be from my mouth. Yeah, I didn’t remember myself as a baby, but I have hundreds or more memories stuck in my brain that they need to be let out.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few nights now. How I was going to design the theme and create it how I want it to be. It won’t be so much about reviews and stuff like that. Which I don’t mind doing stuff like that. I think I would do a few stories on there that reflect me. I just don’t want to start another blog about my life and kind of leave this one behind. I have readers on this one that I actually like my stuff which is so nice, but since I’ve been thinking more I’ve thought about letting my memories flow out and it’s time to set me free from anything I’ve felt in the past. I think it would be good for me to do. I don’t like I’d let my family follow it because it would be stories of my life that’s somewhat hard to express. I already have trouble speaking about certain things and not worried about being judged about it.

2 thoughts on “Considered A Life Blog

  1. I’ve done that before but it doesn’t really make me feel better. I don’t know it doesn’t. I just kinda want to make like a book type thing but on a blog. You get where I’m going with this? Lol


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