Album Review: Nickelback’s Here And Now

So today is the release of Nickelback’s new ablum “Here And Now” and I’ve actually looked forwarded to this album a lot more than their other ones. My parents love their music and I’m a fan too, just not like them. After listening to this one though, I think I can say I love them and feel happy about it. When Sirius XM Octane started playing “When We Stand Together” and “Bottoms Up” I could feel myself getting hooked fast already. I expected to not like every song, because there’s not too many rock albums that I can listen to from start to finish. This, I can add to that list. Even though I might have a few songs on repeat.

I know I’m already addicted to “Lullaby” because of how it starts. It starts with a piano, and it’s so much different. Now since I have never listened to their past albums from beginning to end, I could be wrong. I’ve never heard them not start off with a guitar before this song. It’s kind of a surprise. I definitely think it’s a four and a half star album. I just wish they had more than 11 songs.

My mom and sister watched the American Music Awards, and mom’s got a crush on the bass player and drummer. She literally asked me after the commerical come on and said, “did you see the bass guitarist and drummer?” She’s a nut. I’m a Chad fan, he’s just too good looking to ignore. I hope they come to Indiana when they go on tour. I think my parents and I would fun seeing them live. If you’re a Nickelback hater reading, don’t you dare post a comment. It will be deleted for sure. Hell, if you’re a hater, maybe this album will change your mind for good. It’s seriously the best album of the year. Best rock album at least.

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