Album Review: Daughtry’s Break The Spell

Thanks to one of my Twitter friends Autumn for tweeting she was going to buy the Daughtry album after she got out of school today. After that I looked it up on Spotify and ademptted to listen to it. After two episodes of Ridiculousness I switched it off and listened to the album fully. There’s a more mellow tone compared to Nickelback’s album. In there’s it was big and hardcore. Daughtry’s first single from the album, is like the song of the whole thing. Every song is slow and mellow. Doesn’t really get loud.

Out of the whole album, my favorites were “Outta My Head,” “Gone Too Soon” and “Lullaby.” I’ve got to say “Gone Too Soon” is pretty much the saddest song I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The title could give away what’s about. Good thing I braced myself beforehand. By the last few before it ended just seemed like dragging on and on. I’m a Daughtry fan and I just wanted it to end. It sounds harsh I know, but not every review I do has to have a happy ending.

I’ve got to say after those songs ended and I heard an acoustic guitar play and Chris’ voice sing this sweet song I almost started crying to that one too. It was called, “Lullaby” and you know it was written for those little ones he’s got now. What I found so weird about it was both Daughtry and Nickelback had songs titled “Lullaby” and both were so different on music wise. How they were written were similar, but I’ve got to admit Daughtry’s was too adorable to ignore. I liked Nickelback’s sound to their’s though. If you like mellow albums, this might be a winner for you.

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