It’s Friday

So here we are at the end of another week. Next week is Thanksgiving and I am pumped to see my Aunt Laurie and my cousin Tate. I don’t really know how it’s going to be. I’ve actually tried to keep how it could go as far from my mind as I can. I’m just ready to eat a lot of good food and get annoyed with certain family members not understanding how I don’t like pie and yet everybody still gets angry anyways. One year all of us kids got to make our own dishes. I was sick on my 16th Birthday and couldn’t celebrate it until Thanksgiving, so I was sick for two weeks straight. My nana and sister made me a Football cake. They frozed it for two weeks! It was sweet, however taking a picture with all these football candles with different numbers that represented my favorite players on our own football team. Everybody still teases me about that.

I got to buy a book today. I bought Slash’s book and it was cheap like my second book, but I know why that book was so cheap. It was really short. It literally took me an hour to read it. I was thinking about doing a review for it, but it’s not your ordinary book and I think a few people would think twice about me after I post it. I understand myself sometimes. I want out of this stupid shell, but I’m so worried about what people will say. It’s not fair that I can’t just let go. It makes me go nuts sometimes! Anyways, I’m hoping this book goes on for a bit. I’d like to bring it to my nana’s so I won’t be so bored like I’ve been for a few years. The conversations are fun to witness sometimes, but I feel like I’m always in the way.

This weekend is hopefully another fun weekend. Since Tuesday, I woke up that morning thinking it was Sunday and I actually got excited about it because Sunday is the pagnant my sister’s helping out at. I’m very proud of myself. She always wants to help out people. Yet however she doesn’t want to be in National Honor Society, like I was when I was in high school. She’s trying to change her school and try to get Rachel’s Challenge going there. Which is better than what I did, even though changing the doors was a success, Emily’s trying to change everybody at the school with Rachel’s Challenge. That’s my sister for you, we sort of act alike more than we look alike.

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