True Confessions of a Heartless Girl

When I was either a Junior or Senior in high school. I read a book that I pretty much can say I couldn’t get enough of. After I finished it I was somewhat sad that it was over but glad it was done. There are few books that actually have that affect on me. After I graduated I actually started thinking about it again, which is interesting because after I read a book once I never read it again.

I’ve wanted to get “The Chosen One” by Carol Lynch Williams and this book again to read. Everytime I would look for a book to read on Barnes and Nobles I’d always get mad at myself for not remembering the title or what the girl’s name was, but I could remember what the book’s spine looked like (like colors, I remembered black, pink, and white) I get creative when I read a book, unless it’s a memoir I imagine the settings, places and even characters of the story.

Now that I found this book I’m super pumped to getting into this book again. I’m so happy that I didn’t give up on it. I kept looking and looking. Thing was I didn’t really have much to look for it. I didn’t remember the girl’s name and the only two words from the title I knew were “confessions” and “girl.” My friend introduced me to this site that keeps tracks of books you want, already read, and reading now. I searched “confession of a” and went through it three times to actually freaking out in excitement when I found the description that sounded the same and I recongized the author’s name. I was so happy! I am so happy I should say!

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