Plan To Read

I’m on another website called Shelfari. My friend Mandy introduced it to me on Twitter. I made my account this afternoon and I’m very glad I did because I have two lists that I’m happy about. One list of books I’ve already read, which makes things easier to keep track of those for recommandations for other people. My other list is of books I want to read soon. The more I go on the site, the more I find books I want to read. I counted earlier of 15 books, but I think I added a few after that. Some of the books are from the two of the posts before. So I decided not to post them again. Here are the new ones I found.

  1. Hot Blooded (I like how I said I didn’t like paranormal love stories and this describtion fits)
  2. Veronika Decides To Die (this sounded good)
  3. The Wonders of Ordinary Magic (recommandation for a reader)
  4. Daddy’s Little Secret (I found this one at random)
  5. Bunny Tales (found this when I was looking up Kendra’s books.)

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