Book Review: Dancing Lessons By Cheryl Burke

My first book on the Kindle was a good one. I say good, when I should say great! I love biographies and memoirs, it gives us as fans a journey through the lives our favorite celebrities. I’ve read Bristol Palin’s book and I was very excited to read, but as this season of Dancing With The Stars I wanted to read Cheryl Burke’s book. Before I got my Kindle, I had my mom on her toes because I wanted this book so much. I love Cheryl and how she dances, but I wasn’t a BIG fan of hers before I read her book. Now because of it, I am a bigger fan of hers and really want her and Rob to stay in the competition tonight for the finals.

When I was reading it, I didn’t like how she placed everything. I didn’t understand it at first but as I kept going on in it, it started to make sense. She titled the chapters as a ballroom dance, and what it represents in her life. So she explained the dance, how it started and a little bit of the time she danced with her partners on the show. Then after she explained the dance terms of it, she went on about stories of her life that were like the dance. I suck at explaining things sometimes, but that’s the easiest way to explain it.

I think my favorite chapters were 5 and 6. I think chapter 6 is about the Paso Doble. It’s a march-style like dance, it’s the chapter that Cheryl talks about the molestion she went through when she was 6. She said at the end of the book, that it was the hardest to talk about since she has not gone public about it before. She’s got guts to talk about her life with the press and negative comments she gets from different people, but that’s got to be the best chapter of the book, she had guts to talk about it and hopefully help inspire somebody else who has went through it too.

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