Thanksgiving Is Next Week

Still can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving. It doesn’t seem that close really. I don’t know how this year is going to be exactly. I know it’s going to be chaos. It’s always been that way since my nana’s kitchen is just enough four people, not ten. Between nana’s cart and wheelchair. My papaw’s walker, and the wheelchair I use and a few people. It’s crowded! Thank god for my cousin Tate who just knows to stay in the living room. I think he’s the only smart in the family.

My Aunt Laurie is suppose to come down, the only reason she didn’t come down last year was because she and Tate were sick. She literally made two pies and couldn’t down. This year hopefully she won’t be sick. Hopefully nobody is sick, because I’d like to go Black Friday shopping the day after and find things for my sister. Look at me, I’m forgetting about my own self and thinking about my sister instead. I’m trying to help mom. Emily’s a bit picky at certain things.

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