Happy Halloween Everyone!

The first time I seen this “Halloween Light Show” was last week. I’m not taking up close and personal because I think that would be enough to either kill me or scare the living hell out of me. One of those would do the trick. My friend Mandy send me the “Party Rock Anthem” video and I thought it was cool, but I hate that song so much. So today is actually Halloween, and my friend Stephanie who lives in Germany, I think, posted this video on her Facebook and I just got done watching it. It’s so cute, and very cool how they got all the lights to do that, but you know they’re electric bill is way up there during the whole month of October. I wonder what they do for the month of December? Especially since that’s like the mother month of light specials.

Piano Notes

I saw this picture and I instantly loved it from the start. To me, a picture like this represents Christmas, even it’s Halloween day and we still have a whole month until Thanksgiving, but for some reason everybody just goes ahead and skips over Thanksgiving anyways. I’m even thinking about doing that myself since it’s definitely going to feel like Thanksgiving this year. Oh well though, but this isn’t about holidays and whatnot. It’s about music.

I’ve always been a piano lover. My grandparents on my mom’s side know how to play piano. My nana knows how to read music and my papaw plays by ear. Weird thing is my sister knows how to read music and would rather play it by ear instead. She actually learns it faster that way. I’ve never understood how to read music. My cousin Kristi knows how to read music as well. The both of them took band in middle school, but Kristi’s the only one to do it in high school. I’ve tried three times and failed miserablely. Apparently I can’t get it after that third try. It was part of the reason why I quit college too, because I had Music Theory.  It’s a lot harder than it looks unfortunately.