Cut Loose, Footloose

So we are celebrating my birthday this weekend since my mom has to work on Tuesday, which is the real day of my birthday. So we went to Noble Romans. It’s our number one favorite place to go. Don’t ask my sister what her favorite place to go, because she was disagree. Anyways, we went there first and it wasn’t too crazy like we usually make it. Besides all the flies and baby right by us it wasn’t bad… Until my sister burped.

Then on our ride to the movie theaters, my sister was trying to figure out what she wanted to see because she really didn’t want to see Footloose. My mom and I watched Julianne come back to Dancing With The Stars to promote it. We loved it, and my mom still watches it since she taped it. Emily ulimately came with us. Before the movie actually started her friends came to see it too, so she shut up after that.

I love dance movies, but they always make me sad. For the fact that every dancing movie has made me cry and for I can’t dance like everybody else and it bothers me to the core. I’ve watched Kenny dance before in Center Stage: Turn It Up. I loved him in it! Julianne is just lovely when she dances! Now there’s one person I just loved to pieces but I wasn’t the only one who liked him. My mom liked him too. Willard, real name is Miles Teller. He was awesomely hilarious! When he danced and talked just cracked me up! Loved him!

This whole was good. My mom even saw the first one and thought this was good. From the time the song “Footloose” actually started I was shaking my hips. My mom and I like to talk during the movies and we were somewhat singing the song too. Don’t worry we weren’t loud. I just wish there more dancing though, that’s my only complaint.