A Childhood Favorite.

I am a kid at heart. I can’t be stopped and I shouldn’t. I’m the stupid one who didn’t want to believe everybody when they said, “you’ll regret saying that.” Man, we’re they right. Even though my birthday is soon I’d like to watch The Wizard of Oz this weekend, I could consider this a Halloween movie. It’s spooky, it’s got costumes, the songs sound like Halloween. I might be losing it too so don’t be surprised with that.

I’m listening to the soundtrack right now on Spotify. I am literally dancing on my bed while typing this. I can’t get enough of it. I love the songs and I love singing them as well. My sister Emily hates when my mom and I watch this movie because we have a problem with quoting and singing everything. We’re obsessed! In a good way though. Can you guess what my second favorite childhood movie is?

Justin Timberlake < Mad About You

So yesterday was Thursday and it was suppose to be just full of The Vampire Diaries and Great Pumkin Charlie Brown, yeah well while I was on my Facebook that morning I discovered my favorite person in the world was going to be on The Ellen Show. My insides were screaming, and I got too excited for my own being. Justin is just amazing! I’ve had celebrities and musicians put a smile on my face before but he had another hold on me that I can’t seem to fight off. It might be because he has a charity for Shriner’s Hospitals. Which is where I went and had my surgeries done. Well, one surgery the others I had at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. Anyways, it might be that.

I was excited to see that he was going to be on there. One problem, I think her time slot got pushed back an hour because of Dr. Phil. Usually it’s on at 4pm but ever since they put Dr. Phil on that channel she is pushed back to 5pm. Anybody want to guess what show starts at that time too? My favorite show, besides The Vampire Diaries and a few others. Mad About You. They came on the same time! I was willing to give up the first half hour of The Vampire Diaries for Charlie Brown, but I didn’t want to give up Mad About You too.

Justin Timberlake was her only guest besides Coldplay, and luckily I’m not that big of a fan of them so after they played their game I switched it over to Mad About You. By this time it isĀ 10 minutes into the second episode. Sad part was I actually knew both episodes. The one time I actually remember two of the episodes of the day I can’t watch them. I was somewhat pissed, but seeing Justin Timberlake on my TV made me all happy inside. So I forgot about it.