The Insprinig Couple on DWTS: @LaceySchwimmer & @ChazBono

So it’s Wednesday, and last night’s elimination was a sad one and opened a can of worms. Right after Dancing With The Stars were over I got offline and I didn’t see the other half of the drama that happened during Monday’s show. Chaz and Lacey apparently didn’t like the judges comments, mostly it was Bruno’s comments calling them “animals.” I’m sorry, but that is just mean! Both have done good for the past what six weeks into this competition. I understand the judges are there for to give things to work on, that’s fine, but what Bruno said was out of line.

I have to give Chaz credit. At the beginning of the show, he battles an injury on his knee which played a part for two weeks. He also battles all the criticism from all different kinds of people before the show even started. Nobody thought he would go as far as he did. He showed everybody. His fans kept them in the competition. Despite what the judges thought, Chaz and Lacey were amazing and I was glad to see them dance this season. There will not be another person like Chaz on Dancing With The Stars with as much as much heart and courage.

Role Model

I discovered this video yesterday after I posted on my Twitter I missed Justin Timberlake’s amazing voice. Thanks to my friend Mariel, she was the one who started the obsession on this song. I didn’t think Justin Timberlake was a good rapper, but I changed my mind after hearing this for the first time. The song is really good. The last time I actually heard a fairly good rap song was when “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalfia first came out. After that, I haven’t heard many others. I still think after 2008 the whole rap industry went downhill. Everybody is turning to dance music, which is cool you know? But nothing sounds like a true rap song anymore.

One thing I happened to notice while watching this music video was how it reminded me of another music video. Anybody seen Fort Minor’s music video for “Petrified?” Some parts of both videos are somewhat similar. I know it’s sad that I say this, but it’s true. You can either agree or disagree, but don’t judge me. Want to know one thing is the same, besides the black and white part of the video? The spatkler. That was what started it, and I couldn’t help myself. Both videos are awesome.

Navy Blue ♥

I found this on Tumblr, but I always find my fashion posts on there. I love this dress! For two reasons. It’s Navy Blue and the skirt. I love the fruffles (that’s probably not the right spelling). I think the whole is pretty. It could look better if it wasn’t a one shoulder dress. You should know by now I’m addicted everything one shoulder. Looks like I don’t approve of this whatsoever.


The Collage Bedroom

I have four walls in my small bedroom. Posters cover most of my walls, but yet you still see the white paint on my walls. It’s halfway covered, but I would love my room to be covered, and I mean just covered of pictures. Just like this picture. Everytime I see a picture likes this I get happy and somewhat jealous too.

I’m not exactly sure what I want. I have my NKOTBSB, Linkin Park, Transformers, and The Vampire Diaries posters all around and I’d keep those up where they are, but I want other pictures that go with them surrounding them. Like, where my Linkin Park poster is I want all rock pictures around it. With NKOTBSB I want all pop pictures around it. The back of my door is my TVD poster so I want TV show pictures around there. My other walls it doesn’t really matter. Movies pictures I guess is last.