Childhood Memories

My birthday is around the corner. I am excited about it, but I think I would trade it in to go back to my youngster years, meaning from 3 to about 7 years old. Then come back to reality. I miss the whole VCR era. Now that every movie has been turned into a 3D movie. The Lion King was released in 3D and Blu Ray on DVD. It’s cool but what about the rest of us? Some of us don’t have a Blu Ray player. Thank God for YouTube though!

Just looking at these cases, I’m trying to remember which movies I haven’t seen in awhile. I haven’t seen: Mulan, The Little Memraid, Bambi, Oliver & Company, Pocahontas, Toy Story, The Jungle Book, Cinderella, The Arisriocats, and Lady & The Tramp. Ihave a feeling though I will be watching them soon. I will find them. Because I need to get back into watching a Disney movie once a week. I miss my childhood movies!

Ripped Jeans

I’m into jeans. Actually name one person who doesn’t love jeans. None? That’s what I thought. I first started wearing jeans when I was seventh grader in middle school. I got very jealous of everybody at school who wore jeans every single day. So one Christmas, I got my first pair of jeans. I’ve had several pairs since then. Sad part is I haven’t woren any jeans in awhile.

I love jeans like these! I love ripped and dark blue jeans! They’re my favorites! I have never had ripped jeans, or any jeans with holes in them because I don’t do much to make holes in them. My sister has a pair of jeans with holes in them and I’m jealous of her because of them. It is nice to wear skinny jeans. Since I already have skinny legs. The length actually fits. It’s usually my waist line that causes my problems. I’m either too small from my old pair (which is funny!) or too thick in the hips to pull them up. I say hips, but I think it was mostly my ass.

Broadway Week On DWTS

This week was Broadway Week, which means everybody would dance to songs from Broadway works. I was surprised how many songs I actually knew. There are now seven cast members now, and I somehow know five songs out of the seven. I was actually proud of myself. The reason why I have Nancy and Tristan on here this time is because I am seriously proud of Nancy tonight! She earned her first nine and high score of the season. It was wonderful and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my entire life.

Something else happened that wasn’t a big shocker since he’s done it before. Maksim Chmerkovskiy got upset while Len was giving advice and pretty much bashing Hope. Maks definitly wasn’t having it and he kind of let loose on the judges, but it was mostly Len that he exploded on. Personally, I don’t like Hope. I love Maks! Hope wasn’t my favorite from the beginning. I don’t hate her because she got saved and Kristin and Mark went home. Although I think her best performance was movie scores night. I thought that was good.

They did a group dance at the end and was literally watching my clock hoping it would go slower because I thought they’d turn to Castle as soon as it turned 9pm. It didn’t thank god! I thought the group dance was better than their individual dances, and I loved the lifts. Bless Derek Hough and Tristan McManus, because neither of their partners (Ricki Lake and Nancy Grace) wanted to do that lifts. Ricki didn’t want to do her’s because Derek has a hurt shoulder. Nancy was just not sure of it. They both did beautifully!

My favorites of the night were Rob and Cheryl, Ricki and Derek, and J.R. and Karina. Although the judges were iffy about Rob’s performance I was completely in love with it. I think it’s between Hope and Maks, Chaz and Lacey, and David and Kym. But I could be wrong. I’ve done it before. They were some good parts of tonight’s episode. Guess who came back? Carson and Anna! Carson came into the group rehearsal and flirted with Maks like always. I was so happy to see him on tonight. Made my night even better. Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means elimination. Who will go home? We’ll have to find out tomorrow.

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

So everybody I am totally excited! Now I definitely know it’s October and getting closer to Halloween, when ABC decides to reair my favorite Peanuts special. It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, has got to be the best one ever!! Linus is my favorite Peanuts character. He will always be my favorite.

My nana posted this on my Facebook account and I just had to blog about it. Not only is it going to play this week, but sadly on Thursday. Anyday, but Thursday. Why me? Thankfully, you can watch The Vampire Diaries online. Because I might just say “oh, what the hell” and watch it. I forgot about it last year. I was not happy. I’m not missing it this year no matter what.