Fashion In High School

I’m into fashion. I’ve always been into it. When I was freshmen in high school I took a class called “Fashion & Textiles” and although I had some hard times in the class, it was still a fun class to be in. Three things I loved about it. We did a report on a Fashion Designer from looking in magazines. Mine was Dolce & Gabbana. We had to draw designs of anything we wanted. We had to create a clothing line, and name it of course! I wish I still had the drawing of the sneaker I drew. It was amazing! Looked like a regular shoe. I was proud of myself. Last thing was making three things by using the sewing machine. Which were a heart pillow for Valentine’s Day. A blue jeans purse. We also made a pair of pajama pants, will pockets. That wasn’t our idea! We hated it!

Despite changing my mind about studying fashion in college, I never really got out of fashion all together. I can’t take you what kind of style I have. Anytime we go anywhere and I look around once I end up saying “this is my style” and then when we look at the prices it ends up not being my style. I guess my style is cheap. I think I’d rather shop at Walmart than the other stores my mom and sister love. However I do love Vanity and Hot Topic. So I think my style is between elegant, classy, and edgy all pulled into one. When I was in that class in school, I found out that I am a Winter. So any dark colors look good on me and surprisingly white was on this list. I was so happy that purple was on that list. One of my favorite colors to wear is Brown.

2 thoughts on “Fashion In High School

  1. My highschool didn’t have a fashion class but i loved it so much so i studied fashion in university. I ended up loving it and now working in the fashion industry. School was really hard at times so you have to really love it. So you made a good decision 🙂


    1. It was a fun class, my friend she took it her senior yr in hs and shes now studying Fashion Marketing in college. She has a better fashion sense than I do. 🙂


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