Box Of Things

When I first watched Britney Spears’ first movie “Crossroads” at the beginning when they were putting these little things they’d put in a small box and burying it and dig it up at the end of their senior year in high school. I was hooked, not just on the movie even though everybody said it was a corny movie. I wanted to put little things in a box and burying it for awhile. I think it’s cool to do things like that. You could put pictures or anything in the box and putting the lid on it and putting the box in a trash bag and burying it in a place where you better remember good enough after a few years.

I’d like to put pictures in picture frames and books that way none of them get ruined. Which about half of all ours are ruined by nature after a couple years. If I have pictures in my room, they’re gone. I have a small room, but things can be pushed back as far as the wall. I have my senior year prom pictures somewhere in my room. It’s quite sad that I don’t know where they are. I think doing a scrapbook would be nice, but it’s very time consuming, and as much as I’m bored. Going on the floor and doing something is hard work for me. Especially for my parents who have to put me back on my back after I’m done. I already have trouble with reading books on my bed, there is no way I can do a scrapbook up here either.

No Sleep Equals No New Ideas

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually good sleep. Probably around Monday was the last day where I had a good night’s sleep after that it’s been messed up like always. However last night I got four hours of sleep all at once, which was surprising. Then I got up around 5:30am and didn’t go back to sleep until 8am. I should have stayed up. Especially since my mom got up an hour later. That’s my luck for you.

So since my sleep has been like this all of my good ideas haven’t been coming to me at all. I’ll have little ideas but they’ll fade off an minute later and then I’m back to square one again. I’ve been like this for three days where I’ll have these little ideas and might post them and then be empty afterwards. The other day, which was Tuesday, I blogged five times from midnight to 8pm. They were scattered, but I posted alot of them. I was proud of myself. Now I can’t blog about anything at the moment. It sucks! Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas soon than later!

Fashion In High School

I’m into fashion. I’ve always been into it. When I was freshmen in high school I took a class called “Fashion & Textiles” and although I had some hard times in the class, it was still a fun class to be in. Three things I loved about it. We did a report on a Fashion Designer from looking in magazines. Mine was Dolce & Gabbana. We had to draw designs of anything we wanted. We had to create a clothing line, and name it of course! I wish I still had the drawing of the sneaker I drew. It was amazing! Looked like a regular shoe. I was proud of myself. Last thing was making three things by using the sewing machine. Which were a heart pillow for Valentine’s Day. A blue jeans purse. We also made a pair of pajama pants, will pockets. That wasn’t our idea! We hated it!

Despite changing my mind about studying fashion in college, I never really got out of fashion all together. I can’t take you what kind of style I have. Anytime we go anywhere and I look around once I end up saying “this is my style” and then when we look at the prices it ends up not being my style. I guess my style is cheap. I think I’d rather shop at Walmart than the other stores my mom and sister love. However I do love Vanity and Hot Topic. So I think my style is between elegant, classy, and edgy all pulled into one. When I was in that class in school, I found out that I am a Winter. So any dark colors look good on me and surprisingly white was on this list. I was so happy that purple was on that list. One of my favorite colors to wear is Brown.